Removals Guide

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Removals Guide

We’ll also provide you with a unique ‘Moving’ folder that contains all the facts you need to know about your move, including pre-move checklists of each stage of the process, plus useful reminders for the week up to and including your move day. The folder can also be used as a convenient repository for all the paperwork that accompanies a move, creating a single source of information for future reference.

Simple 4 Step Moving Guide

Step 1 – FREE survey and quotation

At your request an Easymove consultant will visit your home for a free survey and provide you with an accurate quotation for your move – without any obligation. Our friendly and helpful experts will be happy to spend time explaining and advising you on your move to make it as smooth as possible. You can then make an informed decision and take advantage of Easymove’s comprehensive range of removals services, including:

  • Inventory and Packing
  • Transportation and Storage
  • Delivery and Unpacking

Once you have accepted our quotation, you will be assigned a personal Move Co-ordinator – someone who is your point of contact – responsible for co-ordinating and keeping you up to date at every stage of your move.

Step 2 Inventory & packing

Before packing, our highly skilled staff will create comprehensive checklists and inventories of all your possessions using state of the art barcoding technology. These lists provide you and Easymove with instant access as to what needs to be transported or put into storage.

Packing is a skilled process and Easymove care about your possessions as much as you do, which is why we guarantee that they will only be handled by full-time Easymove staff who have had intensive packing and handling training.

We can do it all for you, or if you prefer we can handle just the china and glass. Easymove supply and use a full range of packaging materials to box up every kind of item that needs protection from hanging wardrobes to lampshade boxes; from flat packs for pictures to tough small boxes for heavy items like books.

Easymove always wrap your belongings in new white paper and thick 6mm bubblewrap and if needed specially made crates to safeguard your possessions in transit.

Step 3 – Transport & Storage

Once your possessions have been wrapped and packed, they will be transferred into containers at your home, securely sealed and then loaded onto our specially designed vehicles – part of the Easymove Fleet – for onward transportation.

Depending on when you require delivery to your new home, your container will either be transported for direct delivery or transported to one of our superb new storage facilities – for whatever period of time is required.

Once in storage, you can rest assured that all is safe and secure until the time comes for retrieval. Easymove have invested heavily in the latest transportation and warehousing facilities enabling us to guarantee the safety and security for all your effects at every step of your move, with:

  • State-of-the-art storage database that tracks all consignments and allows effortless recovery.
  • 100,000 square feet of warehousing space to ensure that all your belongings are optimally maintained.
  • All our containers are sealed in a process that makes it impossible for anyone except yourself to add or remove items.
  • Full Insurance Cover

Step 4 – Delivery & Unpacking

If you are moving within Europe we guarantee that all loads are carried in one of our own vehicles, ensuring that no-one other than members of Easymove relocation team comes into contact with your belongings.

A Easymove team will deliver and unload your belongings, unpack position your furniture. The team will then remove all packing materials and debris so you can start enjoying your new home.