Decluttering your home

November 19, 2020

There’s never a bad time to declutter, and moving house is definitely a good time

If your home has been brimming with clutter for far too long, Marie Kondo’s latest venture just might help you. Especially if you are about to move house! What better time to have that clear out you have been putting off for years.

The popular organizer, who stands by ridding your space of everything that fails to spark joy, has just launched an online course that’s available on her site for just $39.99.

While Kondo has already garnered an impressive fan base with million selling books like The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up and her hit Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, both showcasing real people tidying under her guidance, she’s now hoping to win over those who prefer a more direct teaching style.

“When you reassess your belongings and organize your home, you set the stage for a huge transformation,” she says.

The KonMari Method™: Fundamentals of Tidying online course includes 10 lessons, where Kondo breaks down exactly how to tackle different tidying tasks throughout a home. She’ll share step-by-step instructions, practical tips, and, of course, tons of visual inspiration to make organizing as stress-free as possible. Plus, there are product recommendations as well as a downloadable checklist along the way.

As homes across the world double as offices, schools and nurseries, few will find their happy place among the laptops, tangled cables and newly bought printers that have overtaken kitchen tables. To some, the idea of a Kondo-style serenity will seem like an impossible ideal. Yet Kondo says it is more important than ever.

“People are spending more time than ever at home, so this course is an opportunity to help them tidy up and rediscover their joy. Rather than a dreaded task, I see tidying as a celebration. It’s an act of gratitude for the items that support you every day – and the first step to living the life you’ve always wanted. It is my hope that the magic of tidying will help people to create a bright and joyful future – especially during these uncertain times.”

She adds, “We are all mired in vague unarticulated anxiety right now and tidying provides you with a strong foundation to ask questions of yourself: What’s important to me right now? How do I want to live?”

Transform your life through tidying up? If you can’t move at home for the clutter, it’s got to be worth a shot. And while it’s great to have boxes labelled family photos, kitchenware or toys when you’re moving house, who really needs a box labelled clutter?!

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